Can I claim power outage damage with the Municipality?

What are Durban’s public bus lines timetable?

Can you log an electricity fault online?

How do I monitor the status of a fault I reported?

How do I go about making an application for low-cost housing?

Who should I phone if I am at risk because of criminal activity?

How can I find a school in Durban?

How do I report faults, e.g. a traffic light fault?

Where can I access eThekwini Municipality (Durban) Council minutes and decisions?

How can I get my municipal account bills to be emailed to me or view my account statement?

What protection does government offer to whistleblowers?

How can I access eThekwini Municipality (Durban) reports?

How can I access municipal policies and by-laws?

How can I access municipal data?

what is a rank permit and who can apply for it?

Is there a there place with all the listings of prepaid electrical and water companies?

Can anyone give me information about how I can apply for a rates rebate as a pensioner?

Who do you contact to report or find out about an electricity outage in Umlazi?

How far is it from Durban to Cape Town

How do I get plans approved to build on my property?

How do you query your eThekwini (Durban) Metro Bill?

What are the different running clubs in Durban?

How can I access municipal policies and by-laws?

Where is the the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) office's in Durban

What are the legal requirements for an ECD center?

Who do I need to inform if I want to put up a billboard, banner or advertising sign?

How do I pay metro traffic fines?

How can I dispose of Builder's Rubble from my house?

How far is Greytown from Durban?

Who can I phone to get help regarding Child Abuse?

How do I apply for business licences?

What is the application process for applying for a Smart ID Card ?

What and where can I recycle materials?

What nature reserves are in and around Durban?

How many black plastic bags are distributed for domestic refuse?

Who can I phone about pollution or biological factors that could spread disease in the Durban and eThekwini Municipal Area.?

How do I get my rates clearance certificate?

Where can I find local community halls?

What are the requirements for a submission to the Interpret Durban 8 design competition?

Who should I phone if I want to blow the whistle and tip the police off about criminals and their activities?

What documents do I require to apply for a smartcard ID?

How can I get orange and/or clear recycling bags from the municipality?

Is there a bus card that I can use for public buses?

What is the municipality’s policy on informal settlement on private land?

What will the municipality accept as proof of address?

Please can someone tell me which day orange bags are collected along Lena Ahrens Rd?

What is the municipal property rates act?

How to report illegal dumping?

How to apply for a job in Durban ICC?

How can I submit my electricity meter reading online?

How do I apply to receive municipal pipe water?

What is process to get a liquor license?

How can I request for street lighting?

Where can I obtain a No Dumping sign?

What public museums are there in Durban?

How can I report cable theft?

Which public libraries in Durban have free wifi?

How often is domestic refuse collected?

How do I apply to receive municipal electricity?

How do I report a water leak ?

Is there timetable for refuse pickups?

What kind of support does the municipality offer to small businesses?

Can I put up signage or advertising for my business at my home?

How do I know what books / resources are available at my library?

How do you report any incidence of fraud, corruption, maladministration and violation of human rights in the eThekwini Municipality?

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