What is Durban Answers?

Durban Answers is a new approach to a city website, designed to make it simpler for citizens to find relevant information and services quickly.

Durban Skyline

What it is

Durban Answers is a citizen-focused website that is question-driven, with clean, easy-to-navigate design. You can ask a question or type in keywords using plain language. You'll receive free answers from our team which will always be friendly, concise, and easy-to-understand.

How to use it

There are 2 main ways to interact with Durban Answers:

  1. Search existing answers
  2. or

  3. Ask a new question

The Durban Answers team

Durban Answers is a project driven by Open Data Durban, in collaboration with eThekwini Municipality, and supported by Indigo Trust, Code for Africa, and the Open Data Institute. It is contributed to by citizens and communities of the city, and content is verified and curated by the Durban Answers Brains Trust, which is made up of experts from local government, civil society, academia, and business

Contact us:

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Project Partners & Funders

Indigo Trust
Open Data Durban

Accountability Stack

Durban Answers is part of a broader programme called the Accountability Stack, which seeks to empower citizens in South African in public participation, and enable them to take an active part in our democracy, using that power to ensure their voices are heard. Open Data Durban is partnering with Open Up and Grassroot on this initiative.